Finally! There Is a Way to Lose Weight, fast!

You know how it feels when you’ve tried 10 or so ‘bullet-proof’ weight loss plans and at the end, no weight loss. Well, I was about to give up until found the way! Intermittent fasting really works.

How did I do it? Well, with a bit of patience, adjustment and understanding my own body, I started to lose weight steadily from the first week I decided to change the way I look and feel.

Was it easy? Well, yes and no. Yes because I had a definite goal and no because I was new to this. But, I found out pretty soon my body started responding amazingly well to my new eating habits and especially times I was eating.

So next time you want “go on a diet”, ask yourself if you are taking a step in the right direction or if you should not give a try to something quite more natural. Something that makes sense. 

How I lost 10kg (1.5st) in 3 months

Here is what happened to me. I tried the cabbage soup diet, the low carb diet, keto, pineapple and asparagus diet, paleo – one which I saw a result in but was too hard to give up my milky coffee and rice, and many more.

I have been frustrated after each attempt asking myself: “How is it possible, I am eating less, I am exercising, and I am being positive and still fat?” Then bumped into my friend whom I haven’t seen in a while and she looked incredible! Not only that, she was at least 20kg (3st) lighter! I asked how she did it. And what she said has stuck with me till now: 

“It’s not as important what you eat, but when you eat it.” 

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sold right then but was definitely curious. Being me, I decided to explore more. I wanted to look as great as my friend! Don’t we all want to look nice? Don’t we all who have struggled with weight issues be slim? Of course, we do! And so I dived in. I started my new ME the next week and never looked back.

Calories – enemies and friends

Did many diets promise you it was easy because you didn’t need to count calories? They made you feel good about saving time and having a simple solution, right? The word CALORIE has become your enemy to avoid at any cost. Mine too! I’ve bypassed all diets involving calories which was my biggest mistake. Now, calories are my friends, I understand them and they are helping me lose weight.

Fewer calories, lower weight – it’s a law! 

As you’ve probably guessed, we need to cut down on calories to lose weight. There is no way around it. If you have tried all the diets in the world and haven’t paid attention to calories, this might be where the secret lies. Did you know that 1 small potato has 130 calories and when you fry it, it turns into 280 calories? That’s more than double, equal to 30 min walk to burn it off! And when you think what you eat each day without thinking, it can turn into a pretty hefty amount of calories and later, fat. 

The Good News!

fewer calories with intermittent fasting

“Do I really have to count all the calories every day?” I hear you ask. The answer is NO! What you need to do is reduce the calorie intake on two days per week. That’s it! And what about the rest of the week? Well, you eat as usual and forget about calories.

This way of losing weight is not a diet – uff, I hate that word! It’s a way of life (WOL) and it’s quite easy to get used to. Lowering calorie intake is called Intermittent fasting and there are different ways to go about it. No matter which approach you choose, you will lose! …weight, of course!

Intermittent fasting is about adjustment 

There are many theories as to how long it takes to form a habit. Some say 21 days, some 28 some even 66. Intermittent fasting is no different. The length of the adjustment, as with all new habits, is very individual. It took me personally about 2 weeks to fast and feel good, actually better than I had expected! After 1 month, it became second nature to me. My body actually started to work around my fasting days.

What to expect when you begin:

Fasting is about limiting calorie intake. It is 500 calories per day on the 5:2 model, or not eating in specific windows throughout the week. Here is what some people experience when they fast:

  • Weight loss – first loss can be as fast as 1 week
  • Energy – energy levels spike right up, it’s quite liberating
  • No more tiredness – although one may feel a bit tired on fast days, it’s quite the opposite on the others
  • Improved health – lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and more. 

Some other things to expect:

  • Hunger pangs – quite normal at the beginning as your body adjusts but is easies off 
  • Slight headaches – this is due to lack of liquid intake, just drink more water!
  • Irritability – the body is getting used to a different pattern

Bottom line:

Calories matter, they need to be tamed by intermittent fasting! No matter how you chose to shed kilos or pounds, it’s the calorie amount you put in your body that determines your size. What have you got to lose? Try it, fast!


I found the key to a healthy weight loss is through eating good food at the right time and managed to lose wight only by popping those calories after having tried numerous diets out there.

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