DIY Hand Sanitiser, No Water Needed

It’s probably happened to you that you popped down to the pharmacy or a supermarket and they had just run out of the hand sanitiser, one you don’t need to use with water.

There is an easy way to make your own without washing your hands with water. Great for work or on the go.

It’s been a troubling time in many countries and as stated in all media, washing and sanitising your hands is a must.

If you work in the office or with the public, you just need to protect yourself frequently but not always do we have time to dash off to the bathroom.


A hand sanitizer is the best option to have handy on your desk or your pocket, to squeeze or pump a drop anytime you need to protect yourself, and others. I love these little bottles and have spares.

Here is how you can make your own hand sanitizer in case you can’t reach it in your local store.

The Hand Sanitizer MUST have something to kill the bacteria.

In this case, I am using 40% alcohol and a tiny amount of bleach. You may be worried about using bleach but rest assured, it’s important in the fight against bacteria and it will not harm you.

The alcohol acts as a preservative so your hand sanitizer doesn’t go off quickly and you don’t need to keep it in the fridge.

vodka to use un DIY hand sanitiser
aloe vera plant to use in DIY hand sanitiser

To make it the Hand Sanitizer work even better to protect against bacteria, I use Tea Tree oil which has antibacterial properties and smells nice. 

vitamin E oil in DIY hand sanitiser

Vitamin E oil keeps your hand smooth but also helps the Hand Sanitizer keep for longer.

Here is what you need:

1 large leaf of Aloe Vera plant

2 tablespoons of alcohol (I use vodka, it’s clear and 40%)

1 teaspoon of Vitamin E ( I like this one as it’s very rich)

5 drops of Tea Tree oil ( I use the 100% natural one)

3 drops of Bleach ( you can pick one in any supermarket)

How to make the Hand Sanitizer to protect against bacteria:

  • Wash the Aloe Vera leaf, cut horizontally in half and scrape the inside gel out
  • Please in a blender. You can use any high-speed blender or stick blender like this one.
  • Add all remaining ingredients and blitz very well, until the liquid turns into a gel.

Do not worry if the gel is slightly runny. It always depends on the Aloe Vera water content. It will work the same no matter how thick or it is.

Pour into a small squeezable or pump bottle you can place in your pocket or on your desk. All you need is 1 drop to run well into your hands. You can use it as much as necessary and without washing with water.


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